Citibank Dolby Atmos Tickets Promotion only in GSC Cinemas

Citibank Dolby Atmos Tickets Promotion

GSC Cinemas Citibank Dolby Atmos Tickets Promotion on every Saturday and Sunday.

Citibank Flat RM25 for 2 Dolby Atmos Tickets Promo every Saturday and Sunday. Promotion is only valid for Citibank VISA credit cards / VISA Checkout. Promotion available from 03 June 2017 until 31 March 2018. Check the website for more information of Citibank Dolby Atmos Tickets Promotion.

Terms & Conditions: 

Campaign Period  03 June 2017 – 31 March 2018
Offer Day Every Saturday & Sunday
Transaction day MUST be the same as the movie screening day.
Offer Limit 660 pieces on first come first serve basis
What’s in the Offer Buy 2 (TWO) Adult 2D Citibank Dolby Atmos Ticket at RM25


Offer Entitlement
  • Maximum 2 (TWO) tickets per transaction per day until offer limit is reached for each offer day, on first-come-first-serve basis.
  • This offer is only applicable when the “ATMOS” option is selected.
How to Buy No Scenario  Entitlement
1 Buy 2 (TWO) 2D Dolby Atmos movie tickets
2 Buy 4 (FOUR) 2D Dolby Atmos movie tickets ✓ Entitled flat RM25 for first 2( TWO) tickets only
3 Buy 2 (TWO) 3D Dolby Atmos movie tickets X
4 Buy 2 (TWO) Dolby Atmos MAXX movie tickets X
How to Pay
  • Select “Credit Card” payment method and pay using Citibank Visa Credit Card issued in Malaysia
  • Select “Visa Checkout” payment method and pay using Citibank Visa Credit Card issued in Malaysia
Where to Buy GSC Website and GSC Mobile App only
Valid Location GSC Nationwide, except GSC Signature, The Gardens
Movie Type Dolby Atmos movies only.
Advance Ticket Purchase No
Midnight Show Yes
Film Festival Movies No
Remark GSC and Citibank Malaysia reserves the right to amend the above terms & conditions without prior notice



The Dolby Atmos is the most significant development in cinema audio since surround sound, taking a unique layered approach to sound design. It redefines the cinema experience by offering content creators new ways to tell their stories. This sound platform preserves the director’s intent in each scene on what you hear in the theatre accurately to reflects the filmaker’s vision and ensure an immersive movie experience possible.

Benefits of Dolby Atmos

  • Delivers a powerful and dramatic new cinema sound listening experience
  • Allows sounds to move around the theatre to create dynamic effects
  • Reproduces a natural and lifelike audio experience that perfectly matches the story
  • Adds overhead speakers for the most realistic effects you’ve ever heard
  • Reflects the artist’s original intent, regardless of theatre setup
  • Employs up to 64 speakers to heighten the realism and impact of every scene     |

More information about GSC Dolby Atmos experiene at HERE.

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