Enjoy FREE Interbank GIRO and Instant Transfer with Public Bank

Enjoy FREE Interbank GIRO and Instant Transfer with Public Bank

Enjoy FREE Interbank GIRO and Instant Transfer with PBe and PB engage.

All registered Public Bank PBE and Public Bank PB engage customers will be entitled for FREE Interbank GIRO. You can enjoy fee waiver for any IBG and Instant Transfer (“IBFT”) transactions performed for any fund transfer amount regardless of the number of times subject to the daily third party fund transfer limit for the duration of the Campaign Period.

Promotion Period: 15 July 2016 – 15 October 2016

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About PBe

  • What is PBe?

PBe (formerly PBeBank) is Public Bank’s online banking website. It facilitates online financial services, online bill payment and informational services.

  • Can I perform online banking transactions on weekends?

PBe provides you the convenience of performing banking transactions any time and any day, even weekends and holidays.

  • Is PBe only limited to personal accounts?

No. Any of the following account types can register for a PBe profile: Personal Account and Joint Account (be it either one to sign or anyone to sign)

  • How much do I have to pay to register for a PBe account?

Subscription to our online financial services is free.

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