McDonalds FREE Golden Nuggets Giveaway 2016

McDonalds FREE Golden Nuggets

YEY! Get your McDonalds FREE Golden Nuggets!

Congratulations Team Paralympics Malaysia for your 3 Gold Medals! To celebrate this national achievement, McDonald’s Malaysia will be giving out McDonalds FREE Golden Nuggets on 22 Sept 2016!

Starting from 11am on 22 Sept, be the first 50 customers to flash this picture at any McDonald’s restaurant nationwide and receive 6-pieces of Chicken McNuggets absolutely FREE.

Check McDonalds Fan Page for more info.

Chicken McNugget

The Chicken McNugget is a small piece of processed chicken meat that is fried in batter and flash-frozen, then shipped out and sold at McDonald’s restaurants. It was conceived by Keystone Foods founder Herb Lotman in the late 1970s.

McDonald’s first executive chef, René Arend, created the Chicken McNuggets recipe in 1979. “The McNuggets were so well-received that every franchise wanted them”, said Arend in a 2009 interview. “There wasn’t a system to supply enough chicken”. On the other hand, Supply problems were solved by 1983, and Chicken McNuggets became available nationwide. According to McDonald’s, the nuggets come in four shapes: the bell, the bow-tie, the ball and the boot.

The story of McDonald’s first began in 1955 when Ray Kroc opened the first restaurant in Des Plaines, Illinois. It then grew on to be a worldwide corporation spanning 117 countries and serving more than 60 million customers everyday. After that, in December 1980, Golden Arches Restaurants Sdn. Bhd. (GARSB) won the licence to operate McDonald’s in Malaysia. The first McDonald’s restaurant subsequently opened its doors at Jalan Bukit Bintang on 29 April 1982.

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