Starbucks 40% Discount on Selected Merchandise

Starbucks 40% Discount

Prepare for the New Year with Starbucks 40% Discount on selected merchandises or holiday beans or holiday VIA when you purchase any handcrafted beverage!

Enjoy Starbucks 40% Discount on selected merchandise holiday beans/Holiday VIA ready brew with any handcrafted beverage purchase. The holiday celebration continues as we now countdown to the New Year!. This offer is valid on 26 Dec until 31 Dec 2016. Term & Conditions apply! See you at our stores!

  1. Not valid with any other discount or promotion
  2. Applicable from 26 Dec to 31 Dec 2016 or while stock last.
  3. Not entitled for Starbucks Card Reward.
  4. 1 purchased beverage is entitled to buy up to 3 units of merchandise.
  5. Valid at all Starbucks stores in Malaysia except Genting Highlands, Tapah R&R Kiosk and Sunway Kiosk.


Coffee Insights

A coffee is described by its most dominant characteristics. The four main characteristics used to describe a coffee are its aroma, acidity, body and flavor.

Coffee Tasting Characteristics

Firstly, compare and contrast coffees by identifying the four tasting terms for each coffee: aroma, acidity, body and flavor.


Body is the weight or thickness of the coffee on your tongue. The sensation is similar to what you experience when you compare the feel of whole milk with nonfat milk. A coffee with light body feels light on your tongue and this flavor does not linger. In contrast, you feel the weight of a full-bodied coffee on your tongue, and its flavor remains in your mouth for a while.


Flavor refers to how the coffee tastes. This characteristics is detected in different parts of the mouth. So, citrus, cocoa and berries are just a few flavors you might taste in coffee. Some coffee flavors are obvious; others are subtle.

[Read more about coffee insights]


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