TGV MovieClub Top Pick Promotion

TGV MovieClub Top Pick

TGV is offering MovieClub Top Pick Promotion! If you are TGV MovieClub member, you can grab the ticket of selected movie for only RM10!

1. What is TGV MovieClub Top Pick?
MovieClub Top Pick is members’ only special access to selected movie titles at only RM10 per ticket!

2.No way … only RM10?

Yes, we are not kidding. It is only RM10 per ticket for MovieClub Top Pick movie titles.

3.Wow! That is awesome! What movie titles are under the MovieClub Top Pick?

Check out HERE for TGV MovieCub Top Pick Movie

You can even lookout for the MovieClub Top Pick logo when browsing through our website.

4. How do I get my hands on this special access?

You have to be a MovieClub member first. To sign up, please click HERE

5. I am already a MovieClub member. How do I purchase MovieClub Top Pick movies for RM10?

Just scroll down for an online purchase guide for MovieClub Top Pick movie titles. If you are at TGV Cinemas’ outlet that is showing MovieClub Top Pick movie titles, approach any of our staff at the ticket box counter to use this special access.

Buy your tickets now!

Other terms and conditions you should know:

  • Only available for MovieClub members.
  • Available for purchase online and at locations.
  • Valid for all seating (adult) at standard halls only
  • Kids’ price remains at current pricing.
  • Not valid for Super Wednesdays & Early Bird deals.
  • Valid at selected locations only.

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