Time Internet rebate – Sign up Online to get RM100 off!

Time Internet rebate

Struggle on slow internet? This changes everything! Sign up Online and get Time Internet rebate.

Malaysia’s fastest home broadband from RM149/month. Sign up online now to get Time Internet rebate of RM100. Sign up NOW!

The fastest speeds up to 500Mbps with the subscription fee of RM299 per month. Besides, the 100Mbps internet plan is on RM149 per month while 300Mbps Time Internet package is on RM189 per month. For those 100Mbps and 300Mbps plans, you will be getting the D-Link DIR850L router, while those who subscribe to the 500mbps plan will be getting the Linksys EA6350.

For the voice calling, you can get an annual 2,000 minutes pack for RM10/month with a 1-year contract. Otherwise, you also can make pay as you use at 9 sen/minute for fixed and mobile numbers.

Sign up Online and GET RM100 rebate!

About TIME Internet

TIME is Malaysia’s second-largest fixed-line telecommunications operator that provides Data, Internet, Voice and Managed Services solutions to businesses and homes in the country. We became the first operator to deliver 100% fibre optic connections directly into your office or home so you get to enjoy Internet as it should be, fast and uninterrupted. In true TIME spirit, we push ourselves hard and made it our duty to bring Malaysia up to speed. We now deliver Malaysia’s fastest home broadband service at speeds of up to 500Mbps.

100% Business grade Data, Internet and Voice solutions delivered through 100% High Performance Network, surpassing today’s industry standards.


Get the most out of your WiFi connection.

The connection speed you experience over WiFi can be affected by the following factors:

  1. Your device capability.
  2. The number of devices connected to your network and the types of activities performed online.
  3. The distance between your device(s) and your router.
  4. Your router capability.
  5. The network quality at the destination / location of the content you access.

Any question? Call us at 1800 18 1818 instead – we’re at your service 24/7


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