Chatime Buy 1 FREE 1 Promotion November 2016

Chatime Buy 1 FREE 1

Chatime Tesco Cheras – Chatime Buy 1 FREE 1 Promotion November 2016 !

Join the queue to enjoy Chatime Buy 1 Free 1 promotion, from 3pm onwards from today until 15th Nov. Only at Chatime Tesco Cheras. #ChatimeNewOpening #FindUsChatime Chatime continues to expand its business ambition to the rest of the world by spreading freshness in every cup.

  • Promotion Period: 12 November 2016 until 15th Nov 2016
  • Chatime Buy 1 FREE 1 Location: Chatime Tesco Cheras


Chatime Background

Our goal is to grow Chatime Malaysia and make it synonymous with great tea, and better customer service!

With combining over 30 years’ worth of tea manufacturing experience, the tea drinking culture is now experiencing an exciting shift. Consumers are no longer content with consuming teas laden with artificial ingredients and flavours. They want something real and flavourful!

To churn out our delicious signature beverages, we use sophisticated tea and coffee machines. So, it will produce only the highest quality fresh drinks. As for variety, we can be considered second to none as our range of beverages is one of the most delightful ones in the market. We aim to constantly surprise and please our customers with the choicest selections of teas and coffees, fruit pumps and toppings.


Named as “Brand of The Year” in Tea category, Chatime was listed with other world leading international brands such as McDonald’s, Apple, Louis Vuitton, Coca Cola, Lego, Carrefour,HSBC, Mercedes-Benz and Visa.

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