Digi Postpaid 80 Plan – 10GB of Data for RM80

DigiPostpaidPlan GBofDataforRM

Digi release the new Digi Postpaid 80 Plan which offers a 10GB of Data for RM80 per month!

Price War within telco in Malaysia had been upgrade War of Mobile data quota. Digi announce the new postpaid plan! The Digi Postpaid 80 (More Calls & SMS) – which offers a 10GB of data quota for RM80/month plus unlimited calls and unlimited SMS to 3 Digi Friends.

This plan is very similar with the Celcom First Gold Plan that announce not longer ago. Celcom First Gold Plan also give you 10GB of quota for RM80/month. But the problem is that they split your quota between data that you can use anytime and data that is reserved for weekends only.

Unfortunately, Digi Postpaid 80 Plan is using the same mechanism. The differences is Digi offering 7GB of anytime data with 3GB of weekend data while Celcom First Gold Plan split it to 5GB + 5GB. Anyway, Digi Postpaid 80 Plan will gives you all the weekend 3GB quota upfront and let you to decide how to manage your weekend data usage. Unlike Digi, Celcom First Gold Plan will splits your weekend quota evenly between each weekend.

Besides the 10GB Internet quota, Digi’s Postpaid 80 also comes with unlimited calls to all networks and unlimited SMS to 3 Digi Friends. The standard SMS rates for Digi Postpaid plan are 10sen/SMS. All the promotion plan is limited offer and you won’t be able to sign up for a device contract with the promotion plan.

For more information, please visit DIGI website.

** Additional Terms & Conditions apply.


Is the new Digi Postpaid plan available for new customers only?

  • No, both new and existing Digi customers can sign up for this plan.

If I convert my DG Prepaid to the new Digi Postpaid plan, will my prepaid credit be carried forward?

  • Yes, your prepaid credit (up to max RM 100) will be carried forward and used to cover your coming months’ bills.

If I sign up for Auto-Billing under the new Digi Postpaid plan, what benefits do I get?

  • Auto Billing discount of 5% off total monthly bill is only applicable to the first SIX (6) months of subscription only. Total monthly bill includes monthly fees and usages, but excludes standard and itemized billing charges.

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