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Spotify is offering a 3 months Premium subscription for only RM2! Spotify Premium lets you play any song, anytime. You can even listen when you’re offline. No restrictions. No ads.

Spotify Premium is now offering a 3 months subscription for only RM2! You can get unlimited music for only RM 2.00. You may cancel it anytime as well. That’s quite a huge saving since the monthly subscription is going for RM14.90 in Malaysia.

While Spotify is available for free, the Premium subscription gives you access to 24/7 non-stop playback without ads, offline playback capabilities on your mobile device and the option to listen at higher quality. To be eligible, this RM2 offer is only applicable to those who has never tried Spotify Premium including the standard 30 day trial offer.

You would need to submit your payment details during the activation of this offer, but you would only be charged after the trial period. If you don’t plan to continue, you may cancel the subscription by logging into your Spotify account.

*Only RM 14.90/month. after that.

*Only open to users who haven’t tried Premium yet.

*Credit card must be used to avail the offer.


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