Google Flights is now available to Malaysia!

Google Flights is now available to Malaysia!

Google Flights, the search giant’s service for all the travel lover has lands in Malaysia! Starting today, you can use Google Flights to quickly and easily compare and book flights — from any of your device include mobile phone, tablet and desktop.

Google Flights allow us to search for a destination or specific times and dates to travel.Whether you’re traveling from Penang to Perth or Kuala Lumpur to Singapore, Google Flights can offer inspiration and help you find the best flights available. It help us to compare flights and the pricing is in Ringgit. It even has a flexible destination search feature that lets you plan around based on dates, destinations and other interests like food, beaches or somewhere to spend your honeymoon.

The fun and easy way to explore is to set your interest and expand the map by selecting “Explore destinations”. Google will show you the live prices for your trip within your interest categories around the world. While you can’t search using any search term you want, but


  • Login to Google Flights
  • Key in your origin, destination, departure date or interest and search.
  • Once you select your departure and return dates, Google will provide you a list of ‘Best flights’, which represents the best tradeoff of convenience and price.
  • Google Flights will display all the similar flights available and grouped it by airline, price and number of stops which makes it easy for you to to consider and meets your needs.
  • When you’re ready, simply select the outbound and return flights. Then clicking on one of the blue partner book buttons and it will direct you the the booking portal of the Airlines. Google Flights just provide the search and comparison function but not helping to book the flight tickets.
  • Anyways, the pricing in Google Flights might have slightly differences with the official price. Please kindly take note before you confirm your flight tickets booking.
Check HERE before you book you flight tickets!

Choose your flight from a simple list of results, explore destinations on a map and find travel dates with the lowest fare with Flight Search. Whether you’re traveling from Penang to Perth or Kuala Lumpur to Singapore, let us inspire your travel plans and help you easily find the best flights available with Google Flights.


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