Uncle Tetsu Cheesecake 20% Promotion

Uncle Tetsu Cheesecake

Uncle Tetsu Cheesecake offers 20% special discount promotion for the premium Uncle Tetsu Earl Grey Cheesecake or Hat Series. Promotion period starts from 26th March until 3rd of April.

For those who missed out the Earl Grey Launch Promotion, Uncle Tetsu Cheesecake is offering 20% discount on every Uncle Tetsu Earl Grey Cheesecake or Hat Series you buy. Just walk in to Uncle Tetsu outlet and no vouchers needed. The promotion starts from 26th March 2016 until 3rd April 2016.


Terms and Conditions.

  • 20% Off is applicable to Uncle Tetsu Earl Grey Cheesecake & Hat Series only. Not valid for Earl Grey Cheesesticks or other Uncle Tetsu cheesecake products.
  • The 20% Off period starts from 26/03/2016 to 03/04/2016.
  • Not applicable for on-going promotion/discounted items.

The normal price for Uncle Tetsu Premium Earl Grey Cheesecake is RM23 per cake.

More info please visit HERE

Did you know? Earl Grey tea is not only great as a beverage, it is amazing as a flavouring for cakes too.

What makes Earl Grey tea a favourite among so many of us? The secret lies in the essential oil of Bergamot, extracted from the peel of the Bergamot orange from Southern Italy.

Think Cheesecakes are all cheese and no fun? Well, Uncle Tetsu’s Earl Grey Cheesecake will prove to be a delightful surprise. Infused with the fragrance of the iconic tea blend, this refreshing take on our classic cheesecake is not to be missed.

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