Time Internet Gives Speed 500mbps & Free Upgrade


Time Internet has just revamped their Home Fibre Broadband plans with even faster speeds up to 500Mbps while retaining the same monthly commitment fee.

Time Internet offerings range from 100mbps to a whopping 500mbps package, at the price RM149 till RM299/month. The latest offering is much cheaper than Maxis Fibre Internet and TM Unifi. Better yet, all the packages have become unlimited – unlike the 100GB cap that had been previously been imposed on its then-fastest 100Mbps package. Subscribe NOW!

For existing Time Internet customers, you will be getting a free upgrade for your current plan. Customers with the 8mbps plan will now get to enjoy 100mbps speeds, wheres customers on the 15mbps Time Internet plan will automatically upgraded to the 300Mbps plan. For 30Mbps and 50Mbps existing customers, you will able to enjoy the fastest speeds up to 500Mbps. Anyway, the router you’re using is only supporting up to 100mbps, and Time will not be replacing the router for you. Existing customers will need to purchase a new compatible router.

“Everyone who has an active service as of 22 March 2016 has been automatically upgraded to speeds of up to 10 times faster than before, with no changes to subscription fees and contract terms.

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For new customers who wish to sign up for these plans, please take note that they do come with a two-year contract.

For new customers, you will able to enjoy the fastest speeds up to 500Mbps with the subscription fee of RM299 per month. Besides, the 100Mbps internet plan is on RM149 per month while 300Mbps Time Internet package is on RM189 per month. For those 100Mbps and 300Mbps plans, you will be getting the D-Link DIR850L router. While those who subscribe to the 500mbps plan will be getting the Linksys EA6350.

For the voice calling, you can get an annual 2,000 minutes pack for RM10/month with a 1-year contract. Otherwise, you also can make pay as you use at 9 sen/minute for fixed and mobile numbers.

Further more, all the new TIME plans come with unlimited usage and it is on symmetrical speeds. Means that you will get the same speeds for both upload and download. For your information, New Unifi is on Asymmetrical speeds.(Download speed likely to affect upload speeds) while original UniFi VIP plans offered symmetrical speeds.

As a comparison, Unifi is now offering RM179/month for 30Mbps (10Mbps upload) and RM229/month for 50Mbps (20Mbps Upload). For Maxis, their 100Mbps plan at RM330, 30Mbps at RM248, 20Mbps at RM198, and 10Mbps RM148.

The only limitation for TIME is their coverage. Currently, their coverage only 250,000 homes, mostly condos and apartments around the Klang Valley. Check the coverage in their website now.

Source: [Time Official Website , Factsheet]


Welcome to the new era of high speed fibre broadband! Introducing TIME Fibre Home Broadband at speeds of up to 500Mbps, Malaysia’s fastest. We promise you’ll love it.

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    1. If 100mbps doesn’t share to many people, you will feel like internet speed not an issue anymore. Internet speed suppose to be like this! You only will care the speed when your speed is slow.

  1. the new package is really cheap, they also offered the unlimited quota with affordable price. seems like they will attractive more customer to switch to TIME. anyone using TIME now?

        1. I stay in Penang area. The coverage is still low in Penang. But the sad case is after I upgrade my Unifi which committed with two years contract, TIME is installing the fibre optic in my condo.

          1. ooo,this sounds bad. you always miss out the chance to switch to TIME. but maybe you can call TIME for further info, i heard they do provide some support to Unifi user that want to switch to TIME.

    1. TIME is not stg new in here just that TM dominate with Unifi
      they stand alone that their expanding of coverage is in slow progression
      trust me if TM has no improvement definitely TIME will take over

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