7-Eleven RM1 Promotion for Slurpee

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Do you love Slurpee? Do you love 7-Eleven RM1 Promotion? Time to mark your dates, because the 12oz Slurpee will be available at only RM1 from 5 April till 9 May!

7-Eleven RM1 Promotion for Slurpee will available soon. It only cost RM1 for the 12oz Slurpee in all the 7-Eleven outlet in Malaysia. Promotion start from 5 April 2016 until 9 May 2016, while stocks last. Faster grab it in this hot whether season in Malaysia!

Promotion Period: 5 April 2016 till 9 May 2016

Location: All 7-Eleven in Malaysia

*Promotion is available nationwide, while stocks last.

More information at HERE.


About Slurpee

A Slurpee is a slushy frozen carbonated beverage sold at 7-Eleven stores.

Bound by our devotion to the world’s coolest drink, we are vast, diverse, and as colorful as a rainbow Slurpee. You’ll find us in service trucks, classrooms and boardrooms. You’ll see us everywhere — playing, working and whatever else. We skateboard, blog, game and achieve, all with a Slurpee in hand. We are energetic, we are forever, and, we are thirsty. So, we extend our own ice-cold hand with pride to all those who seek more from life, to that special band of individuals known as The Slurpee Nation.

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