Free Data for Waze with U Mobile

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Enjoy free data for Waze on all current Postpaid plans and all Prepaid monthly data subscriptions from 19 April onwards.

A great news for U Mobile subscribers who are always rely on Waze for the navigation. The free data for Waze data offer is available from today until 31st December 2016. This is eligible to all postpaid plan, prepaid UMI plan users as well as Prepaid broadband plans ((MB15, MB40, MB68, MB128 and MB128N)  With this offer, you can use Waze all you want without eating any of your data quota.

Promo period: 19 April – 31 December 2016

Upgrade to U Mobile and drive around with Waze for FREE until 31 December 2016! Never get lost again when you sign up for any of our Postpaid monthly data plans, Prepaid UMI plans, Postpaid and Prepaid Broadband Plans! Sign up today! Refer to HERE for more information.


Don’t miss out on 15GB data and unlimited calls to all networks only with U Mobile’s enhanced P70 Hero Postpaid! Sign up now if you love more Internet! Refer more detail in our previous post.


U Mobile is one of the telco that keep updating its services for more exciting offers to its subscribers. The telco just announced Data Backpack that offers free data roaming for selected postpaid users.

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