Hurry UP! Maybank 5% Weekend Cashback is BACK

Maybank 5% Weekend Cashback is BACK

The excited Maybank 5% Weekend Cashback is BACK!

Maybank Credit Card Promotion! 5% Weekend Cashback is BACK! Just spend RM500 with your Maybank 2 American Express Gold or Platinum Credit Card and 5% for all your weekend spending up to RM50 Cashback. Get your Maybank 5% Weekend Cashback now! Hurry, we have RM9,000,000 to be given away!

Terms & Conditions:

  • Maybank 5% Weekend Cashback Campaign starts from 1 July to 31 December 2016.
  • Total amount of Cashback to be awarded is capped at RM1,500,000 monthly and RM9,000,000 throughout the campaign period.
  • Cardmember must spend a minimum cumulative of RM500 on any Maybank 2 American Express Platinum or Gold Credit Card in a Calendar month to qualify for the Cashback.
  • Each Cardmember is eligible for the Cashback only once each month should the Cardmember hold 2 or more Maybank 2 American Express Cards.
  • Cashback is awarded to the Principle Cardmember only and is capped at RM50 per month.
  • Cashback for this campaign is excludes Dining where Cardmember currently continues to get 5% Weekend Dining Cashback as part of the product feature.
  • 5% Weekend Cashback will be credited four to six weeks after the end of the Promotion period.
  • Other Terms & Conditions apply

Check HERE for more information.

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