SENKA free sample – SENKA Perfect Whip & Watery Oil

SENKA free sample - SENKA Perfect Whip & Watery Oil

SENKA free sample giveway for SENKA Perfect Whip & Watery Oil!

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Shiseido Hada Senka Perfect Whip is a popular foam cleanser from Japan, being HG cleansers for many and a no.1 seller in Japan for some time. It is affordable and deemed by many as a ‘must buy’ skincare product when in Japan.

Senka Perfect Watery Oil is a makeup remover that will remove stubborn and even waterproof makeup and dirt instantly.


SENKA Perfect Cleansing Range is exclusively designed for you that cater to all your cleansing needs.
The 5 promises of SENKA 
  1. To thoroughly research and identify your needs.
  2. Senka Promises to create innovative products by adopting a fresh development style and applying advanced technology.
  3. To sell only safe and trustworthy products made in Japan.
  4. To focus on product quality rather than packaging frills.
  5. Our products will be kind to the environment.


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